Computers required for underprivileged

In the present society, a large socio-economic gap exists; so the poor are deprived of quality education. This leaves them with many disadvantages in this highly competitive world, computer education being one of them.

We are a group of friends who want to make a difference in this regard. We have taken up a project to give computer education to the underprivileged children. In this regard, we have started working in two places, one called ‘Nivedita Nele’ and another one called ‘Bosco Mane’ in Bangalore. One of the major hurdles we are facing is getting computers for this cause. And we would want many more people to take such initiatives to make a difference in the the lives of the children in our country, so that, we can make the dream of India becoming a developed nation, come true very soon.

Those interesting in supporting this cause can mail: divya.bettampadi @

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