Puttenahalli Lake – An update

At last! The bed of the Puttenahalli Lake is barely visible. Thanks to the rains and one key inlet near the coconut grove getting fed, the water level in the lake has finally risen. A gardener and sweeper appointed by Puttenahalli Neighbourhood Lake Improvement Trust (PNLIT) help in ensuring that the plants are well tended and the walking track and lake surroundings are kept clean.

In the early mornings and late evenings, walkers can be seen enjoying the various species of birds like moorhens, herons, egrets and others, waddling and flying around the place. Children and adolescents can also be seen swimming, fishing. Sometimes, they even help in removing rubbish from the water and de-weeding. The saplings planted in July 2010 are growing well and some are now over 3 metres high!

Young boys clearing the water of thermocol Pic: Arathi Manay Yajaman.

Over the past few weeks, more saplings have been planted on the outer and inner periphery of the lake and on the island – by senior citizens, donors to the trust like the manager of the Puttenahalli State Bank of India and interested residents of the area. More saplings to be planted in the coming days. Hoping that efforts to get the other dry inlets connected to storm water drains pay off. Better these are done while the rains are still around so that at this time next year, we have a fairly "rejuvenated" Puttenahalli Lake!

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Arathi is a market researcher who loves to run and write. She has been actively involved in issues that affect citizens, including apartment management, waste management and lakes. She used to live in Mumbai and is now based in Bengaluru, working as a Community Anchor with Citizen Matters.


  1. Hi Shalini – Yes, the fenced area after the Brigade Millennium arch on the Brigade School side is Puttenahalli Lake. The water level has risen over the past few weeks but it does look deceptively shallow – quite unlike the picture in our minds of what a lake should be. Do visit the website of PNLIT to see more about the restoration efforts, photographic subjects and also how you can be a part of this…


  2. Hi,

    I am an avid photographer and love to take early morning walks with my camera. I stay in Elita Promenade, opposite to Brigade Millenium.

    I would love to explore the Puttenhalli lake – can you guide me to it please?

    I do see a small clearing area just after Brigade Millenium (on the school end) but that has no water – is that what is called Puttenhalli lake?



  3. Chandan – The lake on Puttenahalli Road is Sarakki/ Jarganhalli Lake, which is sometimes also called Puttenahalli Lake. The lake that is referred to in the write-up is located between Brigade Millennium and L&T South City.

  4. I’m one of those occasional walkers along the lake and I definitely see the changes. I have no idea how it looked 15 years ago but I know how it was 1 year ago!

    It is indeed gratifying to see the saplings growing well.

    Rejuvenation very much in progress. Kudos to Arathi, Usha and rest of the team!

  5. Daily I travel on Puttenahalli road, frankly i don’t see any changes at all. I still remember 15 years back when i would love to take the road just to watch the sunset. In the morning i see people using the lake as there personal toilet. Hope the lake is filled with life again

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