Pathetic state of Brigade Millennium road

"The Brigade Millennium enclave brought an impressive range of facilities within one secure, green, well-planned environment. … The end result is a quality of life that few urban dwellers in India normally have the privilege of enjoying", so says Brigade Enterprises’ website on the Brigade Millennium enclave in JP Nagar 7th Phase.

Reality, however, is quite different. The main road of this enclave – Millennium Avenue – is no different from a public road – worse, in fact, with both Brigade and BBMP washing their hands off it, this has become a classic ‘dhobi ka kutta’.

The result – as the picture shows – are a series of huge potholes that impede traffic and often damage vehicles, affecting not only the residents of Brigade Millennium, but all who use this road to come from the Bannerghatta road side to Kothnur Road / towards Kanakpura road.

Will someone please take notice and do something about fixing this road, so that we can just have a normal, motorable road, let alone ‘the quality of life’ that the Brigade website boasts about?

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