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Children in are particularly vulnerable to abuse, violations and trauma. Such situations need expert help. Though the police department could help, particularly in cases of abandoned, exploited, trafficked or runaway children; but many prefer not to approach it right away. Here’s a guide with details of the various organizations and agencies in Bangalore for children at risk or those needing temporary or prolonged support. At present, it does not include details of services for differently-abled kids or adoption.

Street Children at the Cubbon Park, Bangalore Pic: Pushpa Achanta.

Although, the law in India defines children as those aged 14 years or below, some of these services are available to youth up to the age of 18.

Children in the groups below are usually the most vulnerable and need short time assistance or extended support from trained, experienced and sensitive persons

  1. Street kids – missing (unintentionally separated from parents/guardians)  runaway or abandoned
  2. Kidnapped, trafficked, drugged, physically harmed/injured, confined for: begging, sex work, unlawful adoption, or any physical labour
  3. Child labourers in homes, eateries, hospitality industry, factories, construction sites, at traffic signals, public restrooms, neighbourhood stores, bus/train stations, et al 
  4. Sexually, physically, emotionally abused or harassed by family and/or employers, other adults or peers in schools, public spaces (parks, roads, etc.), orphanages, care homes
  5. Emotionally or mentally unstable due to personal issues (failure, low self-esteem, relationship stress), physiological changes, uncongenial home or other environment, peer, family or societal pressure
  6. HIV positive/negative kids rejected by extended families after their HIV positive parents’ death
  7. Children orphaned or separated from immediate families due to accidents (fire, building collapse, vehicle collision, etc.), natural disasters (floods, storms), human induced incidents like terrorism, crime, riots, political rallies et al

A young street vendor in Shivajinagar. Pic: Pushpa Achanta.

Crisis Intervention / Help

Makkala Sahaya Vani (Children’s Help Line) popularly known as ChildLine collaborates with the Bangalore City Police to rescue, counsel and rehabilitate children in difficult circumstances. (They are mostly like those in situations in 1, 2 or 3 listed above). It also gives material and legal help, if needed. Further, ChildLine assists Child Welfare Committees (CWC’s) in providing justice to children. Child Rights Trust (CRT), an NGO, coordinates the ChildLine activities as Bangalore city’s nodal agency with MSV’s partner organizations, the Association for Promotion of Social Action (APSA) and Bangalore Oniyavara Seva Coota (BOSCO). Having short and long term residential and recuperation facilities for children at risk, the latter 2 NGO’s frequently accommodate kids that approach MSV.

Click for a complete list of organisations and contact details.

Counselling Services

There are many centres that offer the services of trained volunteer counsellors both in person and via telephone. These services may be availed by those in a state of emotional distress. Various organisations provide counselling for those in stressful situations like loss, failure, broken relationships or conflicts with family, school, work or friends, etc. Some organisations provide counselling especially for those experiencing emotional, physical or sexual abuse and facing traumatic situations. Some of the organisations providing such services are SAHAI, INSA, Parivarthan, etc.,

Click for a complete list of organisations and contact details.

Care Homes

Organisations such as ECHO, Ashraya and Karnataka Rehabilitation centre provide temporary or permanent homes for runaway children, rescued children or crèches for children from the marginalised community.

Click for a complete list of organisations and contact details.

Health Care Services

Freedom Foundation, ASHA Foundation, ACCEPT are some of the organisations which provide services for children who’ve been diagnosed as HIV Positive. Some of these organisations provide both medical help and homes for those abandoned due to them being HIV positive. CAIM society, on the other hand is a de-addiction centre for both adolescents and adults. Karunashraya, is a free home and hospice care for terminally ill kids and adults. It also provides palliative care education.

For a complete list and contact details of these organisations see below.

Helpline Contacts

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