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The BBMP has approved a budget of Rs 8848 crores for 2010-11. Additionally each of the 198 corporators have also been given Rs 2 crores (old wards) and Rs 3 crores (new wards). But after complaints from several corporators about the ward grants being insufficient, separate grants have been allocated for each ward to undertake special works and build ward offices.

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These are the grants in the budget which can directly be used by a corporator to decide on projects. This also gives a chance for citizens to interact with their corporator to prioritise what works need to be carried out in the ward.

The following are the special grants allocated for each ward.

BBMP Budget 2010 Special Grants Ward-wise

Chairman of the Taxation and Finance Standing Committee, P N Sadashiva, says corporators and engineers will have to work together to submit what is called as ‘Programme of Work’ or PoW. A PoW will contain a detailed list of all works to be carried out in a ward. Once works are approved, the budget for that project will be sanctioned. Though no deadline has been set for submitting the PoW, Sadashiva says corporators are likely to submit this within the next one month. 


The BBMP budget also includes grants for each of the assembly constituencies (ACs). A total of Rs 135 crores has been earmarked for development works in ACs. “The ward grants that we have given may not be enough for some wards, since some wards are less developed than others. So work can be taken up through AC grants”, explains Sadashiva.

The following are special grants for 12 ACs apart from the ear-marked Rs 135 crores for 28 ACs.

BBMP Budget 2010-11 Assembly Constituency grants

The BBMP budget also includes allocations for 35 special works. They are as follows:

BBMP Budget 2010-11 Special Works

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