Save Bangalore atleast in your memories

Take your cameras, go around the city along the few avenues that are yet to be affected by BBMP plans and also visit the few lung spaces of the city and click pictures of the beautiful fully-grown trees to show your children and grandchildren of the future, what Bangalore was. Do this quickly, because soon, Bangalore will be robbed of her greenery totally, thanks to the most insensitive and short-sighted planners, bureaucrats, politicians and officials of the state!

It is very sad that protests of the public and eco-activists are just ignored.  Projects are taken up with ulterior motives of helping those keen on bringing down all the huge trees for timber. It is heart-wrenching to see trucks carrying logs of wood.  All roads that were wonderful avenues with canopies of huge trees, sixty to hundred years old, are systematically chosen for ‘widening’, if not for the metro work.  They axe even the rarest of rare trees, which can bespared if only the planners use a bit of common sense and use the rows of trees as medians.

Trees on roadside have been the culture and practice since ages. Instead you see concrete structures being named ‘Green Island’, ‘Paradise’, ‘Woods’, and ‘Forests’.

The efforts of so many generations in making Bangalore a green paradise are defeated.  I feel sad that there are not even a few sensible people among the politicians, planners, developers and department officials, who are guilty of this mass destruction of greenery.

Pick up your cameras and save pictures of the greenery to show your children and grandchildren, how insensitive and heartless we are!

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About Sudha Narasimhachar 38 Articles
Sudha Narasimhachar is a retired banker and freelance writer based in Bengaluru.