Jayanagar residents felicitate their new MLA

This Monday, 2nd June, newly elected Jayanagar MLA, B N Vijaya Kumar interacted with residents in a meeting organised by the Jayanagar 5th Block Residents Welfare Association to felicitate him.

In his first programme after the elections, he thanked voters for electing him with a large margin (his winning margin was 22594 votes, with a voter turnout of 48%)

Vijaya Kumar told the residents that he will ensure all public department officials work towards solving citizens’ issues. He also promised to arrange regular meetings where citizens can interact with officials to address the problems. He urged residents to be proactive and to propose solutions to the problems of their area that the city department can work on implementing.

Vijaya Kumar promised to rename the 40th cross circle at Jayanagar as Markhande Gowda circle (Gowda was the founder-president of Jayanagar 5th block Resident Welfare Association) and develop a Rain water harvesting park in the ward.

Vijay Kumar also attended to the questions put forth by the residents and promised a quick completion of the Jayanagar 4th Block Bus Stand building, rejuvenation of the defunct Puttanna theatre into an auditorium, and decongestion of Jayanagar commercial area by provisioning a shopping complex in JP Nagar .

Along with the MLA, B N Garudachar, Retired Director General of Police and Dibbur Siddalingappa, President, Bangalore District Sharana Sahitya Parishat were present as chief guests. C K Rama Murthy and B Somashekar, former corporators were also present on the occasion. Large number of invitees including members of other residents welfare associations of Jayanagar and JP Nagar attended the program. G M Agadi, president of the Jayanagar 5th block RWA welcomed the gathering; V Bhaskar, Secretary of Jayanagar also spoke on the occasion ⊕

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N Mukund is member, executive committee, Jayanagar 5th Block Residents Welfare Association.

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  1. Dear Sir
    Happy Deepavali
    We the resident of 5th Main ,34th A cross,4th Block Jayanagar ( The road next the park)
    Request you to resolve the following issue faced by us,
    We are facing a major problem in our street, The whole jayanagar Garbage is been thrown in this street ( corner of 34th A cross) , All the garbage from different roads are being collected and dumped to only this place and then it is being picked up by trucks,
    As you know personally that this road is being used for morning walks, and many people( old and health issue people ) come for having good atmosphere and improve their health condition

    We can consider this has a place as a boon provided by God for Jayanagar people

    But the real status is the road has become stinking and the house opposite to the garbage are not able to stay because of dirty smell, The people who are staying in the house are effected by many infectious diseases
    People who comes far walk will close there nose while the pass this spot, and some diseases , virus infection are transmitted from this garbage
    We are BJP workers ( Karya katha) not only now but past 30 years , we put our valuable votes for BJP thinking that our grievances will be herd. But till date no action has been taken
    We all the people request and pray to you to please change the place( spot) where all the garbage is being collected and leave all the people in 5th main,34th A cross area to at least breath good Air,
    We hope you will accept our request and take steps on changing the place (spot) where the garbage is dumped in 5th main, 34th A cross
    Avaiting your replay
    Please do the needful
    For Residents of 5th main, 34thA cross, Jayanagar

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