Dear BBMP, fine vehicles parked on roadside

We take the BTM Layout-Silk Board route everyday. In the evenings at around 6.30 pm on BTM Layout, you can find huge private buses that ply between cities parked on to the left side of the road occupying one lane completely. This causes a traffic jam and slows the traffic considerably. BTM Layout already has its own traffic woes because it has Electronics City commuters as well Whitefield commuters taking the road.

Similarly JP nagar as well as BTM Layout has quite a number of individual houses. These residents do not have parking speces in their own houses and simply park their cars on the roadside.

Worst still are construction sites where lorries unload sand on to the road causing much inconvenience. We took a small bylane on BTM Layout the other day and were shocked to see a huge lorry unloading sand at a construction site, with the driver blissfully unaware that he’s causing a traffic jam!

It’s about time BBMP got serious about this issue and starts fining people who indulge in such activities. ⊕

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  1. This problem will be more acute if this road is widened under the mad scheme of this Govt ably assisted by BBMP. Police will earn more money by getting mamools from the those who park vehicles . This parking problem will increase to cover both sides of the road and can never be sorted out as long as the Govt is not having a rethinking on Road widening issue and we have a good corruption free Police to enforce stricter parking rules followed by heavy fines and withdrawing of driving licenses from the offenders.

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