Beginning of a new school year

A gust of wind blew over my sleeping body, and promptly and quickly, I jerked up from my lying position and stared at the whirling fan in my room. That was what surprised me as I normally wake up at 7.45 am during summer vacations and don’t budge from my bed till that time, but now it was only 6.00 am and I was awake. And then, it struck me that it wasn’t vacation anymore; school had started and my waking-up-in-the-morning senses were just beginning to develop again. Glad, excited and a little mournful, I headed back to school.

The school bell ringing was another thing that jerked me awake from my holiday mode. Watching the teachers and students scurrying around at top speed to their classes seemed pretty much weird after two whole months of only lazing around and enjoying all that free time. We had the first assembly of the term and of a totally new year of school and then, after having loads of free time, went to the auditorium where they introduced the new kids and teachers.

My first day

I remember going to my new school years ago. The first day, I was lonely, trembling and a little bit shaky but I wasn’t scared or sad or even bitter as, by luck would have it, my cousin was in my class, and therefore, his pals turned out to be my buddies too.

Now, I imagine I’m a new kid, joining school this very year, 2010, and I feel, ‘these guys are so unlucky’. They didn’t know anyone, nobody at all, zippity-zip, and yet, they were there, not doing anything stupid, just sitting there, making new friends cautiously.

Take this new girl in my other section, for example. She was so quiet for three whole days and in the end, after being bullied for most of that time because of her quiet nature, she said, ‘Shut up!’ right in the class troublemaker’s face. And in the end, she was applauded by the other girls for being brave, and she made two friends, because she knew whom to pick as pals.

We got a new teacher, who, for the first one hour of class, made it look like she was the strictest teacher in the world and, from then on, was the sweetest lady ever to teach Class VI; that’s another example.

Something’s gotta be fun

School is wonderful. Whether you like studies, or you prefer the games period, and the extra-curricular activities everything can be fun. If you don’t like both, then perhaps you may like the snacks and lunch breaks, where you can roam around and talk, as well as play. If you don’t like that, then you may like the library and the books there; it’s like a circle. And if you don’t like anything in school, then maybe, just maybe, you like the ride to school in your school bus.

School is fantastic. If you’re joining a new school, and are nervous or have butterflies in your stomach after boarding the bus, and wish that you were going to go back to your old school, don’t be worried. Just be happy, learn well, play well, but mostly, enjoy the rhythm of school.  

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