Using alternate source to reduce BESCOM bills

Adarsh S Vansay, 38, a resident of JP Nagar has been saving more than 50% of the his monthly BESCOM bills from the past two years. He had installed solar cell plates and a windmill at his house in JP Nagar, 7th Phase.

The windmill installed in his house can produce one unit of power and the solar cells can produce around two units of power in a day. 1 unit can light a bulb of 100 watts for 10 hours. He invested around Rs 3.5 lakhs and saves around Rs 600 every month on electricity bills.

"Even though it is a little costly, it is worth the investment”, says Vansay. “During summers it is the solar system and in winters and rainy season it is the windmill, so through out the year – no power cut in my home.”

Vansay designed and installed both the windmill and the solar panel in his house. Before doing so he helped and accompanied technicians who were assigned with various such installation projects.

Adarsh S Vansay. Pic: Chetan Boray.

"Every two hours there is load shedding, but we get to know of the power cut only by looking at the street lights”, he smiles and says.

Vansay has been working on environmental issues for the past 15 years.  He was associated with Green Peace, an NGO where he worked on issues related to ocean, forest, and food and organised monitoring camps in Orissa and Gujarat. His exposure to these aspects helped him to understand the importance of renewable source of energy.

“We can be a little smart and instead of complaining about power cuts, we can generate our own energy,” Vansay says. “We need not only depend on state power supply. These should go to people who really need it.”

Working in alignment with his beliefs, Vansay founded Eco-Save India Private Limited, which provides consulting services and implementation of renewable energy projects. He says people are getting interested and the progress has been slow and steady. So far the company has taken up around six or seven projects in houses, educational institutes and offices. Vansay accompanies his team for any assignments.

Before starting the company, Vansay installed both the windmill and solar systems in his house.  He says, “If I fail to convince my parents then how can I convince my customers? Even they have become energy conscious now".

Eco-Save India Pvt. Ltd.
F-3, Aishwarya Apartments
38, Rest House Road (off Brigade Road)
Ph: 41680010, 9845535401
Email: solutions[at]ecosaveindia[dot]com 

The wind speed varies from place to place so the area has to be tested before installation. And the required space is about the 20 feet of radius. But some changes can be made.

Finally Vansay says, "In near future I am planning to disconnect BESCOM line and make use of the natural resource." 

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