Cops advice on how to avoid getting mugged

Recently a certain type of vehicle mugging cases is on the rise. They seem to be targeting IT employees specifically.

The areas that have been targeted are around Iblur junction, between Iblur and Marathahalli, or Iblur to Kaikondrahalli or Kaikondrahalli to Wipro. 

Timings is usually between 11 am to 4 pm. The offenders are riding a black Pulsar.  They are two or three of them. The vehicle has a kannada registration number plate. Identification marks: One person is stout and has a dark complexion. Another one is lean with medium complexion.


  • They stop your vehicle on a pretext, saying that you caused an accident.  
  • Before stopping your vehicle, they continuously honk. Till the time you stop your vehicle, they are behind you.  
  • With little opportunity, immediately they sit inside your vehicle.  
  • They try to panic you by saying: by accident you have injured a person and compensation has to be paid. 
  • They tell you, you have to pay the amount immediately, as the injured person is the brother of a local don; If you don’t settle, the amount might be problem and they induce you to pay the money.
  • They ask you to give the money, by drawing from an ATM.
  • Usually they target a person driving alone in the vehicle.
  • They will persuade you to pay the money, they speak Kannada and broken Hindi.
  • They will take money or gold but not cell phone.


  • If you come across such an incident, be bold, do not panic.
  • Lock the internal locks of the vehicle. So that they cannot sit inside your vehicle.
  • If by chance they get into your vehicle, get out immediately – you will be in a public place. Raise your voice and call the people around.
  • Immediately take their photograph and as well as vehicle number plate with your cell phone.
  • If they try to threaten you or manhandle you, keep a pepper spray as a defense and use it properly and carefully “if necessary”.
  • In there are any such cases or even if you suspect any such persons in the locality, please call on the below mentioned cell phone numbers.
  • If you are bold enough, immediately snatch their bike keys. Take their photographs, call the police, if the public are willing to help, secure them and hand over to police.
  • If you are smart/tactful enough and can hold them in conversion, inform the police by way of SMS or call and assure that you will pay them and engage them till police reaches you.
  • You can even tell them that you can arrange money from your friend and take them to place, where you know the people and then try to catch them with the help of known people and hand over them to police.

Inspector Rajesh, Ph: 9448448833
Sub-Inspector Mirza Ali Raza, Ph: 9972833003
Ashok (Towards Marathahalli), Ph:9902660986 (on Cheetah)
Vijayamurthy (Towards Iblur), Ph: 9980834703 (on Cheetah)
Manjunath, Ph: 9845668681 (Crime Squad)
Ravindranath, Ph: 9980399551 (Crime Squad)


  • Do not panic and give away all your valuables.
  • Remember their operation is a planned one and even they are equally scared but they pretend to be courageous. 
  • Do not lose your temper. Be cool and handle the situation diplomatically.
  • Don’t take too much risk and don’t risk your life – your safety is more important.
  • Don’t get down from the vehicle. And don’t allow any stranger to get into your vehicle. If they chase, immediately call the police or reach the traffic police for help. Stop the vehicle where there a lot of people and take their help.

Please be bold. Bangalore is still safe. There is nothing to panic. We are optimistic that  we will be able to nab them. A squad comprising of four police personnel is formed to nab these fellows. Please remember our crime constables are now patrolling the same roads in plain clothes and their phone numbers is mentioned below. You can reach them for help either on the officers cell number, Cheetah number or Crime constable number.

We are glad to serve you and we are at your service 24/7 to help the needy and bring the culprits before the court of law. We look forward for your cooperation. 

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