Footpath artisans get BBMP notice

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Around 40 families originally from Mysore, who have been weaving and selling bamboo products on the footpaths of Bangalore Gayanasamaja, KR Road for the past 28 years will now have to find another place to continue their business.

BBMP has served them a notice to vacate the footpath around three months ago. Some of the families have been told they will be allotted houses by the government. Entire families are involved in weaving baskets and other bamboo products.

The bamboo materials are bought from Belgaum. Every family member participates in the business. The bamboo stick is made into  ladders, baskets of different sizes – to carry fruits and vegetables, mara – to clean food grains and other things. 

Someshekar, 42, says “We want to stop this work with our generation,  our children should go to school and get an education".   ⊕


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