BBMP paurakarmikas sort out garbage on a busy bridge

Apart from the traffic snarls in Chikkallasandra, the residents of this area are exposed to another hazard. Garbage collected from nearby localities are sorted out daily on a bridge built over an open drain right on the 18th Main Road, about 100 yards from the Chikkallasandra junction. This route is extremely busy as it is the shortest way from junction to Devegowda petrol bunk junction.

BBMP garbage disposal Chikkallasandra

Pic: S Srinivasan

After collecting garbage from the nearby localities using hand carts and three-wheeler vehicles, the paurakarmikas dump it on the side of the bridge. They sort out the garbage before loading it into the truck. The plastic wastes fall into the drain. A huge garbage truck is parked on the bridge every morning. The stink emanating from the garbage is unbearable and is sure to affect the health of the road users, school children  and the resident localities nearby. The road is not cleaned properly leaving remnants of garbage everywhere.

Is BBMP aware of this atrocious damage to public health? Is there no supervision of this work by the concerned authorities?  Why has no action been taken by the local MLA and the corporator?

Immediate action is expected from BBMP to stop this atrocity in the larger interest of the public.

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Srinivasan S is a resident of Chikkallasandra.


  1. Why is there no garbage collection on 6th Main Bilekahalli? People are throwing waste all over the road.

  2. Hello BBMP Personnels,

    It is our humble request that we are suffering from improper waste/garbage management system by BBMP at main area of 3rd Cross, 4th main, Matadahalli, RT Nagar, Bangalore 32.

    Are there any monitoring committe for this waste management implementation scheme in BBMP, before we claim ourselves that Bangalore is Clean City, SWACCHA BENGALURU/ CLEAN CITY and so on…

    Can you ask them to visit this location then they can realise it. This issue is there not a day or two, it is there for more than a year, after sending many level of escalation no response.

    Mayor Sir,
    we have sent more than 10 to 15 emails with photos, complaint letter, shared the news to magazine and politicians also to you and your team including health deapartment.

    No reponse and no improvement till today. How long this will continue? Do you have any plan of responding it to this issue in a near feature?

    Please respond it. After seeing the following points you may need to change our claims about Bengalooru is a clean city..

    1. This garabage dumped location is used by surrounding school children to board their school Van/bus and playing location
    2. Within a meter distance, it has Drinking water diversion box on the ground (Have seen many time that Sewage board person, removed the garbage from the top cover before he wants to open it and divert the flow direction.
    3. Within 15 meters A clinic located
    4. All sides are covered with houses.

    Please have a look at this matter seriously and do the immediate action of moving out this point to somewhere else.

    With Regards
    Matadahalli Residents

  3. There is no change in the situation even today. The garbage dumping and sorting out on the Main Road continues everyday. BBMP is thick skinned and cannot respect feelings of the Public.

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