BDA continues to disrupt peace of HSR layout

During the past three to four years, the residents of HSR layout have been subjected to tremendous hardships and inconveniences due to BDA’s flyover and bridge constructions.

During 2007-08, a bridge construction work at the junction of 14th Main and Ring Road junction (HSR junction) went on for more than 15 months. During that time all entry points to HSR layout except for one or two were closed from Ring Road side. Residents had to take diversions from all sectors.

Now, BDA’s yet another flyover construction work at the meeting point of 14th Main and Ring Road junction is causing severe traffic congestion. Couldn’t the planners forecast construction of this flyover two years ago, when the bridge construction was going on? We fear that all incoming traffic from Madiwala side will be diverted inside HSR layout till the completion of the flyover construction.

Digging and relaying works in some roads by BWSSB, BSNL, BDA and BBMP are also going on in this layout. There is lack of coordination among the agencies in all these works. Why is the planning so slipshod? When will this end? The layout now suffers from air and noise pollution. We certainly deserve better treatment.

Traffic diversions from the Sarajapur and Ring Road into HSR layout, due to construction of flyover at Agara circle have seriously inconvenienced the residents and shopkeepers. All mains and some cross roads have been used mercilessly by all types of vehicles plying on them. The flyover construction work is still going on, however, we were earlier informed that the work will be completed in four months. We do not know when this will be completed. The authorities should have put in place a co-ordinated solution before resorting to this unilateral and sudden decision.  ⊕


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Peace of HSR Layout disturbed

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  1. Most probably when the Agara flyover is completed, Kormangala traffic would be routed through the sarjapur road, while the Silk Board traffic would be diverted through HSR.

    The sad thing is that, in this arrangement, the trucks and other heavy vehicles would still ply through HSR. This happens to be my biggest complaint.

    Another issue is making the 27th main one way. I miss my favorite petrol pump near BFC.

    Also, for people going towards Marathalli, exiting through the narrow stretch of the crowded 24th main is a big big pain.

    The BDA complex flyover is probably going to take another 2 years to complete. Speaking of which, we would really appreciate if the Citizen Matters people somehow manage to share the designs for BDA complex flyover(the same way they did for the Iblur and Agara flyovers).

    I’ve seen more flyovers under construction at Bellandur, Intel and so forth. Coming 2 years is going to be a harrowing experience for people travelling to the airport. Hopefully for better posterity.

  2. I completely agree with this article. Constuction will go on and on.. If one gets over after years another one will start. May be metro, cable lying some thing or other.
    Bangaloreans are now used to it!
    Imagine: We can always dicuss this hours together with others else where and they can always ask. People return from many places and can still enjoy these. And if at all constuction get complete it will hit big headlines and lots of reasons to celebrate..

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