Road widening plan distresses senior citizens

I am a resident of Maria Selva Apts, an apartment located at Hennur Road and Davis Road cross. Markings as "+11m" and “+5m” by BBMP have been made on the compound walls adjoining Hennur Road. Apartment owners also received a letter from BBMP asking us to apply for Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) a few days ago. The letter is confusing. No deadline is given. There has been no communication from BBMP after we got this letter.

The road in question is Hennur Road (from Pottery Road towards Lingarajapuram and beyond to Ring Road). This road has been mentioned in the list of roads meant for road widening (at See Serial No 35 (Phase I) in the Notification issued by BBMP on March 2nd 2005).

The property owners in the area are totally at a loss. The original marking at my compound was 8 m and had been revised to 11m and that at the rear changed from 4m to 7m. If the widening of the road is as per an approved plan how can they change these readings arbitrarily? Ironically the marking for the diametrically opposite building across the road remains 5m! Now we find an additional marking CH +0.325. We have absolutely no idea what this is supposed to mean. If BBMP had stuck to the original marking probably we would have been left with reasonable land where it might have been possible to put up a structure.

Some of us are senior citizens who have used up all our savings to acquire this dwelling and with this BBMP’s move, we do not know what do. It is causing all of us tremendous distress and worry about an uncertain tomorrow!

We sincerely hope that the BBMP gives up the idea of road widening and if at all it is inevitable then BBMP should compensate those affected by paying them market rates so that they can find alternative accommodations. The TDR serves no purpose.   ⊕

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  1. Dear sir

    We need to gather up and fight by discussing here on board there is no use I feel as a bangalorean.
    We need to stage a protest .
    Road widening is only facilitating outsiders but localides are getting afected severly,by loss of property and greenary.

  2. In the Road widening aspect, BBMP has only one track mind. There has been no study /assessment about the feasibility of the work on the roads earmarked for widening.Somebody had an idea in his mind decided this drastic action without understanding the plight of the property owners and as long as his property is not involved in this process. Nobody in BBMP had ever discussed with the property owner(s) whether taking a big slice of the property just by an order without any responsibility is feasible even if compensated.
    For example, I had seen wall markings in my Apartment Complex suddenly. The property has been developed and apartments built as per approved drawings and allowances given for Road widening in the year 2001 itself. It is not feasible to demolish major part of the boundary as it affects other infrastructures inside the complex seriously.It is time all property owners go to the courts with writ petitions and get stay orders against these senseless one tracked moves by BBMP.

  3. BBMP’s shameful attitude

    Dear Sir,

    It is unfortunate that BBMP is needlessly terrorising ppl like this. There is no need for ppl to lose property, please do not accept TDR (which is optional).

    Pls read more on road-widening here-

    road-widening is really not required, there are better solutions as decribed here-

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