Emergency exits shut at cricket stadium on match day

On a day when there were low-intensity explosions near the Chinnaswamy cricket stadium, here are photographic examples of what emergency-readiness and security was like within the stadium on April 17th 2010.

One of the emergency exits on the day of the match, meant for spectators who enter through Gate No. 6, is locked. In addition you have a turnstile just in front of the gate and a standee as well, besides some bottles and trash. In case of an emergency, would they have enough time to access the person who has the key, remove the turnstile and other obstructions in front of the emergency exit? This exit is supposedly opened only once the match is over.

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Within the stands itself, entrance/exit points are very narrow. There was a wider gate, but that was locked. Again should there be any disaster within the stands, there is no way people can be evacuated in time and further, there is bound to be a stampede.

It is unfortunate that given the number of people who come in to watch the matches, the kind of monies that the cricket bodies make and on a day when there was already a security issue, this was the condition at the cricket stadium. What is the kind of preparedness within the stadium to handle emergencies?

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