Pedestrians at the mercy of railway authorities

It is great to see that work on the Whitefield railway overbridge is finally picking up speed. However, I have a different concern.

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Since the railway gates are now closed temporarily due to the overbridge construction, the railway authorities have taken the liberty of parking the trains anywhere they wish to. The trains are parked right in the middle of the closed gate which makes it difficult for the pedestrians to cross over to the other side. In order to cross over, pedestrians have to walk all the way till where the train ends, through dirty and pebbled railway tracks. It is especially very difficult for ladies. I have also seen people climb up in between two bogies in order to cross over which is a very very dangerous thing to do.

I think the railway authorities should have some sense as to where to park the stationary trains. This road is not only meant for vehicles to cross over and since it is closed temporarily doesn’t mean no one else is using it. Why have the authorities not thought about the pedestrians?

I hope that through your medium the issue raised here will be heard by the authorities and corrective measures will be taken immediately.  ⊕


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