Sarakki and BTM residents want a safer neighbourhood

WARD 178 – Sarakki, JP Nagar 6th Phase, LIC Quarters.
North: By Sarakki Main Road 9th Cross.
East: By 13th Main, 13th Cross, 8th A Main Road,
Outer Ring Road, 12th Main Road.
South: By 17th A Cross, 15th Main 18th Cross, 17th
Cross, Cross Road(Existing Ward
Boundary),22nd Main, Existing Ward
Boundary, Cross Road,

When Citizen Matters approached the residents of Sarakki (Ward 178), they echoed concerns about garbage clearance, regulating traffic, encroachments on footpaths, and the condition of roads.

Mahesh A R and M S Ramesh who run businesses on Sarakki main road, hoped that the authorities would take note of the traffic congestion in this area, which is a result of the traffic diversion due to the underpass work. The roads are too narrow to take the increased flow of traffic.

Ramesh Kumar, the owner of a showroom in Sarakki said, "There are no government run schools, hospitals or parks in our neighbourhood. The roads are too narrow and footpaths are non existent." He had no complains regarding the water supply, electricity and drainage.

WARD 176 – BTM Layout
Vysya Bank Colony, MICO Layout,
Nainappa Setty playa, BTM Layout 2nd Stage,
Someshwar Colony, KAS officers colony,
Central Excise and Customs quarters, Madina
Nagar, Abbayyappa Layout, Ambedkar slum

Dr Meundi, President of the JP Nagar Citizen’s Association (JPNCA), feels that there needs to be an increase in police patrols for a safer neighbourhood. The underpass work has severely affected people in these areas and steps must be taken to resolve this.

P V Ravishankar, an advocate and Vice President, JPNCA, was troubled about the state of footpaths which are often claimed by vegetable and fruit sellers. He also pointed out that the transformers need to be replaced with single pole transformers to reduce the amount of space being taken up. He says, "We have garbage collectors coming once a day. This needs to be increased to two to three times a day. People who dump garbage in every vacant lot and on footpaths must be fined."

He feels that the agencies should work together. He has noticed many instances when a road is tarred and either BESCOM or BSNL comes along and digs it up within a few days. The citizens are looking for more action and less talk.

BTM Layout

"Stray dogs are the major problem of this area," says Meenakshi B, a software engineer who lives in BTM 1st stage, ward No. 65. "They are a real nuisance especially in the night time. I tried complaining about this issue to few of the dog shelter organisations and the Municipality. But they said they are helpless and can’t do anything about that matter. I am clueless about whom to complain to now?" explains a worried Meenakshi.

G H Gupta, who works for a private firm spoke about his safety concerns. "I wish we would get some night patrolling in this area (around 20th Main, 1st stage). It is not safe to walk alone after 10 pm," says Gupta. Shantha, a homemaker of the same area also addresses the same issue,"We cannot park our vehicles outside the gate. The battery will be stolen before the next day". Chain snatching is another problem, Shantha adds.

The street vendors of BTM Layout 2nd stage are worried about the patrol police officers. They complain that the inspectors who come for patrolling keep asking for money every day. "We earn only a little by struggling so much and out of that we need to give Rs 5 or Rs 10 or (whatever) they demand. If we refuse, they ask us to stop the business then and there," complain the vendors. They don’t dare to complain at the police station about this matter.

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