Cables and slabs dug up during asphalting

This is the letter sent to the BBMP Commissioner on March 14th 2010.

Dear Sir,

It is observed in our area and confirmed by residents that while digging roads for the purpose of asphalting, workers using JCBs (earth movers) are showing exorbitant arrogance towards woes of residents.  

Telephone cables and slabs placed by residents in front of their houses are unnecessarily removed even when the same is not coming inside the portion for asphalting and not replaced after the work. This puts lot of inconvenience and expenditure to hapless residents. No responsible official are available at the time of removal of cables, slabs etc. and (calling) their mobile/telephone numbers get no response.

It is surprising to note that, slabs and Telephone cables in front of (certain) selected houses are not removed even when it is necessary.

It is requested that necessary instructions will be issued to the concerned responsible officials of BBMP to ensure uniform procedure is adopted and hapless residents are not harassed by JCB workers and contractors.

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