Smartvote campaign reaches thousands

Koramangala Smartvote is a campaign aimed at increasing voter turnout for BBMP elections and helping residents make an informed choice. 

  1. Koramangala Smart Vote Volunteers have been conducting a door to door campaign since November 2009, to reach out to residents in Koramangala Ward 151.
  2. Apart from this mass outreach campaigns have been conducted at Christ College, Jyothi Nivas College,  Rotary Club of Koramangala, Ladies Clubs in Koramangala, CPWD quarters, Koramangala Club and at other social gatherings.
  3. Door to door campaign will be continued till around elections time. Additionally mass outreach events are being planned at Koramangala mosque and other social gatherings
  4. Through its door to door and mass outreach campaigns, volunteers have contacted over 20 per cent of the registered voters in Koramangala
  5. Volunteers have encouraged residents to come out and vote for the BBMP elections by creating awareness regarding the roles and importance of  BBMP.
  6. Volunteers have distributed Form 6 and a document explaining how to register or to vote, to residents who are not registered voters .
  7. “A Political  Citizens Council” has been formed that will work with citizens, elected representatives and representatives of various government organisations to improve civic amenities in Koramangala Ward 151.
  8. Residents of Koramangala will receive candidate profiles of all candidates who will stand for the post of corporator in Koramangala  Ward 151. Profiling of candidates has already been completed in a few cases. Further candidates who will be standing from Koramangala may please contact Rajesh from Koramangala Smartvote team on 9845148055 .
  9. All residents will be invited to attend the candidate debate which will be held approximately one week before the BBMP elections. All candidates who are contesting for the election from Koramangala Ward 151 will be invited to participate.
  10. Residents will be encouraged to not just vote but to make an informed choice based on the candidate profiles and their interaction with the candidates during the candidate debate.
  11. After profiling of all candidates and the candidate debate, Koramangala Smartvote will conduct an SMS opinion poll for the residents registered with Smartvote.
  12. Voter information has been uploaded on a website, wherein voters not just in Koramangala Ward 151, but in all 198 wards of BBMP can easily find out whether their names are on the voter lists in a user friendly way .
  13. Koramangala Smartvote brought to the notice of the State Election Commission, errors in the voter lists, some of the errors have been since corrected.
  14. Volunteers of Koramangala Smartvote have also attended meetings of various RWA’s and citizen bodies to encourage other residents for other wards as well to come out and vote during the coming BBMP elections.   ⊕
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