‘I wish I had started using public transport earlier’

It was around 2.10 AM, wee hours of February 4th. Bus Day. I had spoken to my friends over the weekend about this and totally forgot about it. Around the same time I SMSed (Short Messaging Service) as many people as I could reminding them of the day. I got two responses and also saw two Facebook (an online social networking site) status messages posted about the day.

I woke up early thinking that I might take longer to reach work by bus. However, I eventually ended up setting out for work around the same time that I generally do every day. 9:45 AM.

Staying in Byatarayanapura (near Sahakar Nagar), Bellary Road, I got a bus right outside my house. I got down at Mekhri Circle and took a bus for Shivaji Nagar from there. After reaching the Indian Express office, I took a bus to Old Madras Road and reached there at 10.55 AM. This was 20 minutes faster than the time I take in my own car. I usually take about an hour and a half by car.

It was nice to get back to a bus after many years. Because of ‘Bus Day’ many of my collegues also used buses.

One of my friends, who took the bus, took an extra hour unlike me. I guess it certainly has its ups and downs, depending on the connectivity. I did think about returning by bus and was wondering if it would take me a very long time.

I was wrong. I took almost the same amount of time that I generally take in my car. I usually spend close to Rs 180 everyday if I go by car but today I spent only Rs 52 on my bus tickets.

My bus ride was interesting. During the journey, I could hear a lot of people talking and also found some time out to look around. On my way back home I took a glance at the new stores, which driving back home could not have permitted me to do.

I also caught up on my reading. This is something I miss every day. A long working day and a drive back home in bustling traffic generally leaves me drained out every day, forget about catching up on reading.

I had a long day, yet felt fresh because I did not have to go through road rage. I have now decided that I will take the bus as often as I can and would suggest everyone to do so.

In fact, a friend of mine has also decided to take the bus at least once a week. I just wish I had started using public transport earlier. Well, better late, than never.  


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