JP Nagar residents demand cleaner neighbourhood

BBMP, state government and political aspirants may be gearing up for the elections on February 21st 2010. But with campaigning yet to start, the elections are not a hard reality yet for many residents. Resident Welfare Associations too are waiting and watching for the candidates to be announced. We spoke to a few people from JP Nagar, Ward 177 in south Bangalore to find out what are the improvements they wished to see around their neighbourhood.

jp nagar ward map

JP Nagar ward map. Credit: Google Maps.

K M Handyal, a retired engineer has lived in JP Nagar II phase, for 27 years now. He highlights the problem of rainwater floods. "During the rains, the water floods the streets, ruining the roads." Handyal is also concerned about people dumping waste on footpath, and sweepers not clearing it. Homemakers Vatsala Vittal and Mala Jayaram agree. Vatsala points out how litter in the JP Nagar mini forest park makes it difficult for walkers.

Vatsala and Mala believe that it is time BBMP deal with the poor lighting on streets, particularly on 11th Cross in JP Nagar III phases, having heard of a few chain snatching incidents in the area.

Ward 177 – J P Nagar
Reserved: Backward Cat A
Population: 28508 (Male: 14747, Female: 13761, SC: 2497, ST 457)
Area: 1.79 sq. km.
Assembly Constituency: Jayanagar
Localities: JP Nagar 2nd Phase, JP Nagar 3rd Phase, JP Nagar 4th Phase (Sarakki Dollar Layout), Shivananda Sharma Memorial RV College
Boundaries: North By Marenahalli Road 45th Cross. East By Bannergatta Road. South By Stream/Storm Water Drain, 8th A Main Road, 13th Cross, 13th Main, Sarakki Main Road 9th Cross. West By Aurobinda Marg 24th Main.

Mala, like others in the neighbourhood, is unhappy about the state of pavements. She says it was quite tricky and dangerous to walk down from Delmia Circle towards Ragigudda SLV as the pavements are dug up or uneven.

Vijay Pinto, a travel agent in JP Nagar II phase, points out the pavements were usually used to park vehicles. He felt the roads were improving these days but wondered why the good roads were tarred over and over again while others that needed repair were ignored. Along with some neighbours, Pinto had pooled in Rs 6000 to have the gutters cleaned last year.

BSNL employee and a writer, Vasudha Murthy, from JP Nagar V phase wants "a young, dynamic corporator who will change the scenario at BBMP and take care of the basic necessities of the citizens". She appreciates Jayanagar MLA, B N Vijay Kumar’s initiative in addressing some of the concerns in the neighbourhood like introducing a bus and fixing sewerage lines.

JP Nagar ward concerns:

1. Better Footpaths
2. Road improvements
3. Traffic management
4. Garbage clearance and Solid Waste Management
5. Drain improvements
6. Mosquito eradication and health initiatives
7. Unmarked speedbreakers

Which is your ward? What are your top 3 concerns?
SMS "TOP , to 9740918300
E.g. "TOP BTM, drains, roads, trees"
Look out for coverage of other south Bangalore wards.

Dr Meundi, a paediatrician and the President of the JP Nagar Citizen’s Association is worried the underpass delay and road widening. He is keen that BBMP develops the existing Dhanvantri Park with additional facilities for senior citizens. He also wants the JP Nagar primary health center to be upgraded as there is only one medical officer at present.

Munniamma, a vegetable vendor from JP Nagar V phase, says the major problems in her area include really bad road, lack of drinking water supply, non-working sewerage lines and stagnant water.

A senior citizen (who didn’t want to be named) residing near Dhanvantri park, finds the property tax, water and electricity charges too high. She is also troubled by heavy traffic, dug up roads and unmarked speedbreakers.

Will BBMP surprise citizens with a cleaner and greener Bangalore, smooth roads and pavements, and streets that don’t turn into streams during the rains? 2010 will show what’s in store.  

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  1. Roads are really bad. In front of Rajalaxmi hospital, J.P. nagar 1st phase, there is a big pot hole. Every time i ride the bike on the sarakki road with my children i pray God please let my children reach safely to home. Every one wants to avoid that pothole so only half of the road is available for vehicles of both sides. I don’t know why concerned authority is sleeping or they are blind. It is really very shameful to see such a negligence.

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