Kannada version of swamiji’s book released

Allidde Namma Mane – Amerikeya Swamiobbara Atmakathe”, the Kannada translation of ‘The Journey Home – Autobiography of an American Swamy’ was released at Prism Book Shop, Jayanagar, on January 13th. While Shri Radhanath Swami is the author of the original work ‘The Journey Home’, Chaitanya Dasa (of ISKCON) has translated it into Kannada.

(Left to right) Mattur Krishnamurthy, G Venkatasubbaiah and Radhanath Swami. Pic: Deepa Vaishnavi.

The simple function had Kannada Writer, Shri S Diwakar, as Master of Ceremonies. Shri G Venkatasubbaiah, 96-year-old Kannada lexicographer and author, released the book in the presence of Padmashri Mattur Krishnamurthy, the well known orator and an authority on Mahabharata. Also present on the occasion were Subramanya (Proprietor of Sahitya Prakashana, the publishing house) and many ‘Kannada Sahitya Premigalu’ – people who love Kannada literature.

The book is an autobiography of Shri Radhanath Swami (born Richard Slavin, near Chicago, USA) who, at the age of 19 left his home in the quest of spiritual truth. The book traces his journey to India and the indelible impact our country and its people have had on his life and thought process.   ⊕

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