Flat residents oppose widening of internal road

A few weeks ago, we, the residents of Brigade Millennium apartments in JP Nagar were alarmed to notice red markings on the external walls of the Millennium Avenue. These were the indications of the now familiar road widening plans of BBMP. On further investigation, we uncovered a notification (Notification No EE/MR[SE]/PR/04/09-10 dated 3-8-09, Road widening Bommanahalli Zone) of which we were previously unaware.

Marking on the walls

Marking like this are found all along Millennium Avenue

Brigade Millennium is a unique campus, the first of its kind, which was formed by BDA. It was developed by Brigade Enterprises Ltd as a group housing scheme, on land of 22 Acres and 19 Guntas, after conversion, pursuant to plans sanctioned by the authorities in terms of a tripartite agreement in 1999. In its internal layout, adequate land for 5 residential blocks, civic amenities, utilities, services, park and internal roads was provided. At that time, 3759 sq mtrs of land, was also surrendered, free of cost, for the widening of the Puttenahalli Main Road. The internal "Millennium Avenue" road was not surrendered and as per the sanction, continues to be purely an internal road of Brigade Millennium, is maintained wholly by the residents and its use is meant to be restricted to our residents.

The approval for such a group housing scheme by the authorities lured several people including a large number of middle aged and senior citizens About 700 families reside in the campus, in 5 different blocks.

The residents of Brigade Millennium Enclave, are strongly opposed to the proposed widening of the already wide private internal road called "Millennium Avenue". If this internal road, which was built by the developer as part of the infrastructure within the enclave, with a road median, footpaths, parking bays, greenery and street lighting, which is also being maintained by us, is now to be widened to 24 meters for traffic, it will severely affect the easy movements and other activities among the residents, thereby defeating the very purpose of forming this enclave.

Moreover, converting this internal road into a public thoroughfare and allowing heavy vehicles, will not only destroy the peace and tranquility, but would also cause serious safety, security and human concerns. There are over 200 senior citizens aged 60-99 years living in these flats whose free movement in the common areas will be severely curtailed. It would also affect the safety of hundreds of children who walk to the neighbourhood Brigade School every day.

Brigade Millennium Road

Millennium Avenue

The damage to the environment from vehicular traffic would impact all, besides destroying some of the mature trees and greenery. The TDR announced by the government is of no use here as residents will be unable to trade the private rights over the land for the TDR. In view of all of the above, residents have requested the BBMP to kindly drop the proposal to widen the road to 24 meters in the interests of everybody so as to ensure that this group housing remains intact in letter and spirit.

Millennium Avenue apart, for the authorities – it makes good sense to invest in better transport facilities – buses, autos, parking areas and better traffic management – traffic lights, footpaths, enforcement of rules for vehicles and constructions. With the TDR rights usable anywhere in the city, we are sure to have tall buildings on narrow roads that will need widening… and the circle continues. The growth of the vehicles on the road will also ensure that our roads will never ever be wide enough. And our city will always be "work in progress"!

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