Peace of HSR Layout disturbed

The traffic diversions from Sarajapur Road into HSR Layout, due to construction of flyover at Agara circle, have seriously inconvenienced the residents and shopkeepers of HSR layout.

All main and some cross roads have been used mercilessly by all types of vehicles. Just a few months back some of these main roads were repaired and resurfaced. Due to poor quality of work (not supervised) and the last monsoons, roads have cracked and potholes have developed. This has been aggravated by heavy traffic on the main roads in this layout during these three to four months.

There appears to be no controls in the movement of traffic through HSR Layout. Concerned authorities are insensitive to the peace and tranquility in this layout.

The authorities should have put in place a coordinated solution in place before resorting to this unilateral and sudden decision. Coupled to this is relaying works in some roads by BDA/BBMP, digging by BWSSB and BSNL. There is lack of coordination amongst the agencies in all these works.

The peace of this layout has been disturbed with very loud noise throughout the day and pollution level has also oncreased. When will this end? Nearly six months back when the work starts it was informed the flyover work would take four months. We certainly deserve peace here.

Will the concerned authorities be sensitive and ensure peace in this layout!  ⊕

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  1. Completely agree with you. It’s sad to see roads being damaged by constant traffic of heavy trucks.

    The roads have also become more unsafe. Trucks speed through the residential locality as if its a highway. Kids who are commonly found cycling on the roads are at a risk here!

    I hope the flyover gets completed soon. I hope 27th Main is repaired when that happens.

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