Destroying trees and roads

Our BBMP seems to have achieved a unique double by first felling trees on a large scale and then leaving the roads chosen for widening in a pathetic state.   A great example is Seshadri Road on which I drove last night , when returning from the Railway station.  

We know that the Rain Trees on this road were felled in December last year and the road widening has been underway for one full year on what is only a 2 km road. On one stretch of this road where new trees have been planted and the road fully laid the situation looks good.  

The real shock is however, on the initial stretch from the Ananda Rao Flyover towards Cubbon Park . For a full kilometer, the left side has been dug up and heaps of road building material are found on the road.   The scene was the same even four to five months ago when I took this road.

Hence the net effect is that we have lost around 200 trees and the first half of the road has not even been widened and asphalted. You can imagine the "positive " effect all this has had on traffic on this road! Hope we can find some way to remind BBMP to do their job, even if it is at the cost of the environment.  ⊕

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