Musical greetings on Rajyotsava day

The land we live in is Karnataka
which is beautiful all around.
It gives us immense pride to speak in Kannada,
It gives us immense energy…
Kannada reverberates wherever you go
– from the lyrics of ‘Kannada’, a song from the Taan Saints.

On the occasion of Rajyotsava day today, Bangalore based music group Taan Saints have released a music video. Citizen Matters is happy to share the video here and joins Taan Saints in greeting you all on this special day.

Sung By : Swastika Borkataki Bugley, Adarsh Bungley, Pavan Ananth, Prathap Sounder
Lyrics : Badekilla Pradeep
Music Composed By : Taan Saints
Recorded-Mixed-Mastered : Deepam Studios, Bangalore

Taan Saints, comprises of Swastika Borkataki Bungley, Adarsh Raghuram Bungley and Prathap Sounderraj, all former classmates from the BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore and part of the college Indian Music band. Now working as tech professionals, they formed Taan Saints about two and a half years ago.

Taan Saints team

Members of the music group Taan Saints. From left:
Prathap Sounderraj, Swastika Borkataki Bungley and Adarsh Raghuram Bungley.
Pic courtesy: Taan Saints.

The band has compiled an album of Hindi songs (not released yet) and are working on a Kannada Album now. They have also composed a few ad jingles. Says Pratap Sounderrajan, "we are now focusing on music that has no boundaries". Their music spans genres and they "have come together as a band, to create music in their own way, irrespective of the language spoken at home". Swastika is from Assam, and is now married to Adarsh Bungley, a Kannadiga from Bangalore. Soundarrajan is a Tamilian Bangalorean.

Taan Saints say rising up to the occasion was their motive for this unique tribute to Rajyotsava day and they consider their composition, a fitting tribute to the land we live in. There is a classical touch as well as western style to the composition, which reflects their own life. Concludes Pratap, "the youth of today have best of both the worlds. Kannada is flowing in our veins and we do not forget that."

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