Stop, don’t cut down the tree!

On occasions, trees are felled to facilitate road widening or if there in the way of infrastructure projects. Very often, trees are cut illegally and without permission.

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So when can trees be cut?

If a tree is part of a private property and belongs to a select species, it can be felled, according to the Karnataka Preservation of Trees (Amendment) Act, 1987.

For trees on public or private property, it is necessary to obtain written permission from the concerned Deputy Conservator of Forests (DCF) Tree Officer, Bangalore Urban Division. (Ph: 23344686, 23343464).

In addition, two tree saplings must be planted before cutting the tree, even if the tree is inside a private property. As per a Supreme court order, this is a prerequisite to granting the permission.

What to do when you see trees being cut?

If you suspect a tree being felled without permission or unnecessarily, contact BBMP’s, helplines  22221188 / 22975595 / 22210031-35.

If it’s a forest area, call the forest department’s mobile squad’s 24 hour number at 2334-4672.

To report tree falling, you can also reach BESCOM – IVRS – 12660 / 22267118 / 22267119 / 22267180 (24 Hour customer complaint cell)

For more details on reporting tree felling, refer Environment Support Group’s (ESG).   ⊕

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  1. I made someone talk to people on these numbers in Kanada but no one wishes to help! They all keep saying this is not the right department and keep giving another number to call.

    Very disappointed.

  2. None of the numbers listed are helpful. Some say that you have reached the wrong department, others have employed illiterate people who cannot converse in either Hindi or English.

    I wanted to report a tree being cut in Indiranagar but so much for trying.

    Where are there several different numbers? why cannot the various departments have a single helpline number like everywhere else in the developed world?

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