“The world is Bangalore”, said Unmaad ’09

A contest for rock bands judged by Lounge Piranha, workshops on martial art, movie spoofs, mascots and lots of glam– IIM Bangalore’s recently concluded Unmaad 09 had all the trappings of a major college fest. There were events for the sober and the cerebral, and then there were the artsy dos with pretty people and related regalia; rounding it all off was the standard issue high profile pro-show by the trio of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy.

Making things interesting, however, was IIMB itself. And one means this literally. Anybody who has ever tried to navigate their way through the labyrinthine corridors of IIMB would know what one meant. The Unmaad Open quiz held on the first day drew attention to the formidable stone and green maze that is the campus by dedicating its first question to the architect BV Doshi. The quiz was a day long affair with- if the organisers are to be believed- 500 people in attendance.

Besides grey walls and ho-hum quizzes, business suits brushed shoulders with colorful pageantry. A Mr. and Ms. Unmaad competition thus figured in the list of contests. A couture show and dance competitions kept the crowds pleased aplenty. Several other events later, Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy performed to a packed house with Shankar Mahadevan taking requests from the audience and charming them in the zillion languages he has sung in.

The theme at this year’s Unmaad was "The World is Bangalore", ostensibly an attempt at reflecting the essentially global focus of B-Schools, IIMB, in true style perhaps, leading the way. Consequently, all the events had global themes: A geography themed quiz, an Orient hued tattoo competition, and a ‘globetrotter mascot’ for good measure.

The Unmaad team attempted to bring the world into their three day fest to considerable success. 

For more details see clich here and here.

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Pic courtesy: IIM Bangalore. ⊕

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