Bangaloreans speak up about their city

Citizen Matters was present at the Sneha Sante event, with a spot drawing contest for children and also encouraged visitors of all ages to share their thoughts about the city.

Sneha Sante was organised by Bangalore Cares, a non profit group, on 27th and 28th September 2009, at H N Kalakshetra, National College, Jayanagar. The event combined a charity bazaar and a programme of cultural events,

Here are some thoughts people shared.

A city full of people with good intentions! And it’s great that a lot of them actually carry out their intentions.
Maha Kumar

Be kind to animals it is their world too. We just try to make our lives comfortable. What about the animal homes? Stop cutting trees.

Stop polluting the nature. Stop using plastic bags and use jute bags please!!!

Our beautiful city Bangalore that no one cares and there is litter everywhere. Please stop polluting, it’s our city so don’t spoil it.

Think about it……
Bangalore increase population increases, roads increase, vehicles increase
Think about traffic, Think about life

Viruprakash Bidar

To the BBMP authorities,
Why do we have so many bus stops all situated near traffic signals? On top of already having to with heavy vehicular traffic, these bus stops just seem to add more confusion and chaos. Probably a better planning of shifting these bus stops to a less crowded place would help. My two cents

Anshuman Chandra

Start worrying people! It’s time!
Bangalore’s own home. We should do chores at our house. So stop blaming the government for the pollution, population etc. It is our fault. Do we expect our neighbours to clean or houses? No right? So, go clean, help and care. WAKE UP BANGALORE!!!!


This Bangalore who used to be called ‘Garden City’ is now what?-‘Garbage city’. Whichever pillar I see, I see spit!!! It spreads germs everywhere and oh my gosh here comes diseases. It is a beautiful city but still polluted.
Arya Mohan

Litter, but still
One of its kind,
Romantic and


Bangalore city is combination of all cutural people with love and affection from north to south and east to west where you can see in one city.

Santosh BM

Try using public transport whenever possible and reduce the need for petrol and pollution.

Bangaloreans use paper bags more… reduce using plastics

To Mr Autowalas,
    please be more polite, humble and courteous. Please dont take advantage of rain, time and other external factors to charge more. Please learn the art of negotiation

Boinglore pollution free when you grow lots of trees
Dr Boing

Garden City? Please put hands together and get the gardens back
Vasundara SP

Bangalore is the city of opportunity, self confidence and success.
Janaki B ⊕

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