What road size will ever be enough?

There is complete chaos with the markings that BBMP has made on the properties on 100 ft Ring Road in JP Nagar, where they say they will now acquire part of our property to widen an already wide road.

1. Minutes of a CDP (Comprehensive Development Plan 2015) meeting classifies this as a medium density road, why would the BBMP need more than a 100 ft road for a medium density road.

2. The Peripheral Ring Road is getting ready, should they not divert all heavy vehicles to that road which would then mean there would be no need for road widening.

3. These are BDA allotted sites, not land sold by private players.

4. Jayanagar and JP Nagar are one among the well planned layouts, are they going to destroy that by doing things in the short term view?

5. When and what road size will ever be enough when there are no measures being put in place to control the number of vehicles a family can own, additional taxes, tolls on some of the busy roads etc.

6. These are homes, we have been living in. Who will pay for us to reconstruct another one like this?

The BBMP needs to stop taking arbitrary decisions and actions. Instead they should take the community into confidence and take a commonsensical approach.


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  1. Does anyone the current status of Peripheral Ring Road? Last I heard was NHAI was to take over it. What is the estimated date of completion for the same?

  2. I have a suggestion for all. Its difficult to fight this battle without other people’s support. I hear that many more roads (Some 150 roads) are being marked for widening in the next 20 years or so. Someone should get that information out and contact all the affected persons/ owners and form a much larger umbrella organisation, say, by the name “Association of property owners of Bangalore against arbitrary acquisition” or something similar, instead of “ring road property owners association”. Today it is you. Yesterday, it was CMH road, and kuvempu road. Tomorrow, it could be somebody else. It may even happen to me. So, each group of people are fighting isolated battles with the powers that be. If somebody can dig out that information about all proposed plans on road widening, others can also be alerted and their support taken. The present association of ring road owners can continue to remain a part of the larger group. I guess the plan to widen 150 odd roads is part of the CDP 2015. (Not sure about that)

  3. Hi: I am a resident of JP nagar I Phase, 15th cross, ring road, this was a beautiful 100ft. 4 lane road , with sidewalks on both sides with amedian.
    Dr.Subramanya, the old commissioner announced that ” No land will be taken to widen the roads :, after movie actress Tara, actor Girish Karnard, with Dr.Meundi of JP nagar association made some noise.
    Now, the new commissioner Mr.Meena’s adminstration are eating those words by writing 7.0 m (meters) on compound walls of the houses on either side of 15th cross,100 ft. ring road. Is this a joke or real ?.
    It looks to us, that these guys are playing with the residents of 15th cross by not telling the facts.
    These are IAS officers !!!.
    Mr.Meena came twice and inspected this place, but never opened his mouth regarding this 7.0 meters on compound walls.
    On top of this, they have allowed to build two six floor glass commercial complexes on 15th cross near 24th main intersection. How they going to solve this problem ?. I wish Mr.Meena will visit this place again and tell us what he is going to do with this mess situation. On top of this, there is no city water supply, and also sewer connection, since months. They are running in to street.
    We need help, I am not sure, where to get it.

  4. Hey, Another point I would like to add here is, if you have noticed all the houses on the ring road have been constructed as per the bye laws. I am sure when they sanction or prepare the bye laws all future expansions etc., are considered and taken into account before they become a law.

    The 100 ft Ring Road is earmarked in the CDP as a medium density road.

    Have you noticed that the road leading to the International Airport – Near the underpass (palace grounds) is much less wider than the 100 ft Road?

    BBMP has made markings on all the houses in the ring road. All BBMP should do is, tell us the reason why they are going around marking on all the houses.

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