A walk down Cubbon Park

This audio programme traces Cubbon Park’s history, walks you through some famous and not-so-famous monuments and buildings in the park, and doles out general trivia that will make your next walk in the park more than just a walk in the park!

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About Poornima Dasharathi 46 Articles
Poornima is our correspondent for Heritage & Features. She also runs a heritage and culture themed travel outfit called Unhurried.


  1. GOOD.I as secretary of JAYANAGAR 4 th T Block residebts Assn, Bangalore.41. Congeratulate U for the effort. Keep it up. I shall contrbute my might in bringing out the Problems of our area.

  2. Poornima,

    Nice one! A couple of things I wanted to point out. Cubbon Park was laid out in 1864 not 1870. The bandstand was not built in the 1920s but existed even in 1870. And though Attara Kacheri became the office of Mysore administration in 1868, the Mysore administration moved to Bangalore long before this – their offices were earlier housed in Tipu’s Palace near the Fort and in assorted houses in that area.

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