Need playgrounds not parks

Of late, Bangalore has too many parks. An area like Yelahnaka has more than 30 parks.

Though parks look good, they are not planned properly. Parks enhance the beauty of the layout and increase its value, but deprive the children of playgrounds. Where should children go for playing?

Today some schools do not have playgrounds. Grounds have been converted to green deserts. No one can enter the parks between 10 AM and 4 PM. What is the big idea of having parks like these?

We need trees for generating oxygen and each of these parks can still have walking paths with trees. They don’t need water like lawns do; it can save a lot of money too.

The moment he took over, Bharath Lal Meena said his priority is parks.

Mr. Commissioner, we don’t need parks. Creating parks means lot of investments, and that means lot of money going to the personal coffers.

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  1. There should be a mix of playground and parks. However, those advising only playground and advocating against parks are short sighted and selfish to think of children play only.If environment is destroyed it will have cascading effect in the long run. Oxygen will be depleted with children suffering from asthama and other lung diseases, apart from destroying the plant and animal kingdom and in nutshell the eco system.

  2. Bharat, I completely agree with you. In Sanjaynagar we have a park on almost every other road, and it is meant only for senior citizens or little ones. Even on playgrounds where children used to play cricket are converted into lawns. Children of age 10 years and older have no place to play football, cricket, etc. They have no other alternatives for entertainment other than computers , video games and TV.

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