Environment initiative in city

The World Environment Foundation is launching PROACTIVATE, an environment initiative, in the city on 5th June 2009, to combat climate change. The initiative is a part of World Environment Week 2009 commemoration in association with Institute of Directors, Bangalore Management Association, the Maini Group and the Karnataka Fire and Emergency Services along with their partners

PROACTIVATE – an eleven point model of growth developed, discussed and filtered at various workshops and conferences organised by the UK based World Council for Corporate Governance and World Environment Foundation – has found universal support for its holistic focus and simplicity of execution.  This model is the only one of its kind that addresses the issue of “what we can do to avert the apocalypse” in a holistic and integrated manner. The model questions the way we live and work and provides for alternatives that are easy to implement.

Bangaloreans are joining together as a human chain and pledging to PROACTIVATE to secure the future of planet.  Children from various schools will also take part in the Global Human Chain and take the PROACTIVATE pledge.

Apart from the launch of PROACTIVATE the city will also witness a host of activities to commemorate World Environment Week. Starting from Balbhavan, Cubbon Park, 625 parks across the city will be cleaned by the volunteers. Sapling planting has already been undertaken and will continue through the week: 400 saplings have already been planted in various corporate premises.  An environment signature campaign will be initiated from 1st – 4th of June across the city (IT parks, malls, other shopping centres). A Reva Car campaign will be undertaken with 20 Reva cars plying across the city to collect signatures. Anil Kumble will promote the campaign on the Radio. A special "Spot the Car" contest will be held in association with this campaign.

“Climate change has become the biggest challenge for the human race on this planet. Yet all our efforts are confined to glib talk,” says Madhav Mehra the president of the Council and the brain behind the movement.  “Bangalore has led the world in technology. It is time it leads the world in using the same technology and turning climate change as an opportunity for business innovation and change. We would like every man, woman and child in Bangalore to join the human chain which will then move on to other towns until one day the entire humanity from Alaska to Australia will pledge together to PROACTIVATE. Let us protect the future of our grand children. Let us proactivate and don’t let this planet annihilate.”

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