A film translates into other mediums

“I hope I win an Oscar for India as Indians are crazy about Oscars,” AR Rahman quipped before he even won the Oscar. It is true the Oscars are a big deal in India, as is evident from the post Oscar success of the film. The lives of slum dwellers are suddenly coming to the forefront; inspiring film-makers, writers and artists. One such group of 14 artists came together at Crimson Art Gallery in Hatworks Boulevard on Cunningham Road, with an exhibition, ‘Big Dreams’, which had a collection of paintings inspired by Slumdog Millionaire. The show was on till 30th April.

George Martin

Sediments from a broken crucible by George Martin at Crimson Art Gallery (pic courtesy: Roxanne Daruwala)

According to a spokesperson for the gallery, “The artists included in this show have portrayed their version of ‘Big Dreams’, be it in the form of a child reading under a street lamp, or the aspirations of a family in a new neighbourhood. We wrap up our dreams and take them with us wherever we go. They are a part of our being and are inseparable. Without our dreams, we are nothing.”

The inspiration, imagination and interpretation brought out in the paintings, made this a must visit show. A few of the paintings were worth a mention, such as that of a royal looking old man. The colours, clothing and the look on his face made him seem like an extremely wealthy man. The intelligent twist was in the background, a dog sitting by his side and a missing shoe, which made the whole difference. The idea is very unique for it shows how the man is a king of his life.

There was another set of humongous paintings that showed heaps of scrap and waste garments. A huge painting made one feel as if one was actually standing in the middle of a heap of waste. Other paintings showed discarded mattresses, which serves as bedding for people of slums. While there were interpretations, there were also simple paintings that showed the innocent looks on the faces of children, much like the children in the film. These beautiful paintings were created with charcoal and acrylic.

The variety of this show, created from one single theme is great. Ideas like this, which are finding light after the success of the movie, were clearly lying unearthed in the minds of these artists. The Oscar only gave it a new demand and market.

A space for talent

Are you an upcoming artist, looking for a gallery to exhibit your paintings? Then Renaissance Art Gallery is what you’ve been searching for. This is a small and cosy gallery on Cunningham Road is located in West Minister building, next to Chung’s Kitchen.

Wild Woods

Wild Woods by Rajesh Kannan at Renaissance Art Gallery (pic courtesy Rajesh Kannan)

Renaissance Art Gallery has decided to support upcoming artists, by providing them a space to exhibit their talent. The gallery also helps artists in fixing a price for their paintings, keeping in mind the market value and other specifications.

One such talented artist, Rajesh Kannan put up his exhibition, ‘Orient and Orientation’, at the gallery from 22nd April to 27th April. A software engineer by profession, Kannan pursues painting as a hobby and started with landscapes. For him, art is the most convenient medium to express his ideas. According to him, “My work is a series of inquisitive journeys into our cultural ethos seen against the backdrop of anachronism. It is the tone of spirituality which nurtures the fabric that nature has woven for itself in a logical order. Manifestation abounds and triggers incessant waves of expression.”

Kannan’s collection is based on concepts like Shiva-Shakti Swarupa and Gangotri. He has also attempted to bring out his interpretations of philosophical ideas. The medium he uses is oil on canvas. His abstract paintings are as interesting, with every painting having a specific, defined meaning.

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