Celebrating Mother’s Day

My family and I always squabble when it comes to deciding where the weekend is to be spent. In a family of four, each person wants to go to four different places and no one ever agrees. That’s why this weekend I have announced that only “My Will Be Done” — it’s Mother’s Day after all, I deserve a break. In an attmept at keeping the family peace, however, I’ve decided to lunch at Kaati Zone this Sunday.

I absolutely love their rolls — they make for such a healthy meal and taste delicious! It’s one place everyone agrees on. My kids get fast and “yummy” food as opposed to what they call “home food”. I’m satisfied that the rolls are healthy and make for a good meal. And my husband loves it because he can have his paratha & raitha and it doesn’t burn a hole in his wallet.

This is one weekend meal I’m really looking forward to. Maybe I can use Kaati Zone as an excuse and persuade my husband to buy me a pair of ear-rings… after all isn’t it MY day…

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  1. Their paneer roll – Paneer Jalfrezi is what I like the most – is tasty & filling. I enjoy some of their other veg options as well, especially the Veg Burger Roll. For someone in a rush or looking for value for money meal, this is an excellent option. The veggie rolls come for not more than Rs.50 and is enough for 1 person. Service is friendly and quick, especially when there is a crowd.

  2. Have been there for lunch a few times. For the price the menu variety is great and food is served hot and fresh . The service is quick. So is the ambience. The food served is excellent by any comparison & hard to beat for the price. The new green salad s healthy and fresh. Along with which I also enjoy the veg rice meal. It is quite filling with the rice, dal makhani and a small roll!!!

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