Bengaluru voted too!

Despite the high visibility efforts to promote voter turnout, overall enthusiasm during the 23rd April polling in Bangalore seemed muted. A visit to several areas of Bangalore South and Bangalore Rural (segments within South Bangalore Assembly constituency) Parliamentary constituencies, revealed limited voters in several centers. In certain centers, while some stations were crowded, others in the same center went empty.

But still one saw a cross section of people including the aged and eager youngsters streaming in, keeping our democratic traditions alive.

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  1. Mr. Vishwanath,

    It is truly sad that the turnout has been really low across Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. I believe there is a need for the Election Commission to analyze voter details to scientifically determine the profile of those who did not vote. If I remember correctly, at the time of enumeration, a number of personal details were also collected such as education, occupation and so on. This would aid the analysis and help future efforts to reach out to specific groups in a targeted manner to seek their coming out to vote.

  2. The Voting in south Bangalore was less than 50 %. It is probably not too wrong to say that most people who voted in the last election would have voted in this election also. Since most people vote the way they have voted in the last election, the voting pattern now would be similar to that in the last election. This means essentially NO change in the outcome ! It is very sad that there are not many new voters in spite of sincere work by NGOs etc.

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