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The Ugly Indian is an anonymous movement that inspires hope among public and solves the problem of blackspots with intelligent application of mind and some physical work.


  1. The other thing to look at is that the garbage collecting three wheelers don’t have covers on the top!! They go around leaving a trail of garbage behind them. And about protective measures to safeguard the workers yes there is a lot to do there.
    Garbage bins still need to be there till the garbage collection system is in place. Otherwise the rubbish dumps spread and expand!
    Till we have a system of no one having to wait to hand over garbage and being able to just collect it it will still pose problems. Supervision I agree is important. If there is a garbage dump, does anyone try to find out why people are throwing it there and not handing it over to the collectors or if the collectors are coming there?

  2. There is nothing wrong in Mr S M Krishna’s desire to change Bangalore to Singapore. But the system of giving contracts to small time Garbage cleaners will not work in a big Metropolitan Capital like Bangalore. Clearing of Garbage should be handed over to efficient Garbage cleaning companies of international standards.Or bring the existing cleaning contractors to international standards. Look at the conditions of the cleaning staff. They do not have protective uniforms, not even Gloves to handle garbage. The three wheeler vehicles are too small to carry the garbage .Adding Bins will not solve the problems. Above all there is no supervision on the work by the zonal sanitary assistants. The BBMP and the RWA should initiate campaigns to teach the public to hand over the Garbage bags to the cleaning staff. Nothing is impossible if there is a will to achieve.

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