1. I am staying in a PG at bellandur, Bangalore. There are lots of PG’s over here and is there any organization in Bellandur which accepts excess food from PG?

  2. We want to distribute food to the poor hungry people who cannot afford for food. Can anyone please tell me some areas in Bangalore/slum areas where I can find majority of them.

  3. We run a small food business in Bangalore East and South. Everyday I see about .5-1.5 kgs of veg and non veg food in excess by night 10pm. Are there any NGOs that can accept this food in Bangalore east and south. We can deliver it if its within 4-5 kms from our 3 kitchens located in Whitefield, Bellandur and Bommanahalli. Please let me know. My no. is mentioned below.

  4. Unless media takes initiatve, things would not reach public, Congratulations for this article and best wishes to Citizen Matters.

  5. You are doing a very good service through your organisation. All the best.
    There were instances where friends had called to find out where to deliver excess food, after parties etc., It is not always possible to prepare food for the exact no. of people especially at weddings etc., Eventually, there will be excess food. Thanks for the list. It is true, there was a mail going around to contact 1098 in such cases. One problem is the food which is excess will be available only late afternoon or late night. By then the people at these homes may have had their lunch or dinner. One simple way would be to contact these homes, in advance and keep them informed of our intention to send the excess food. That way we can ensure at least some hungry mouths are fed.

  6. My compliments to all the above organizers who have volunteered to reach excess food to the needy. I quite often advise many during such functions not to waste food and be selective in choosing their items. Considering the number of functions held on a single day in Bangalore, thousands of hungry stomachs could benefit from such actions.

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