1. Col.. Fredrick D’Sa. A very very good information about Rules and regulations to be adhered to for effective running of the ward. Commissioner,,BBMP should ensure effectiveness of implementing the same.

  2. Continued: Warning: If citizens do not become proactive, come forward and take this opportunity to improve Bengaluru city and its future, Ward Committees (WCs) may just become like School Development Management Committees (SDMCs), where for want of active participation by parents – Peon attached to HM will become President (his child is studying in the school), local strong arms/pudhaarees/ goons will become powerful members and run the school, locally. This may not be in all schools but most of them have a paradoxical situation as above. Time to wake up. It is now or never.

  3. While rural areas have three tier system of gram, taluk and zilla panchayat governance, urbanites were not having this. Ward Committees are welcome but unfortunately, citizens, at large, are not responding in a positive manner to come forward, become active members and take part in WC meetings for providing valuable good governance inputs to the BBMP. Stop being skeptical, take part and make the system work for you when they have provided an opp[ortunity. Small differences can be irned out, especially, with elected reps who may have their own agendas even while nominating WC members or approving those proposed. Time to wake up and it is now or never because if there is no enthusiastic participation at ward levels, authorities will find it an excuse to make it unworkable or may even keep the scheme in cold storage. Judiciary may also feel helpless to pressurize BBMP on this count.

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