How much are you paying for your tanker water?

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Citizen Matters is creating a map to track the amount of money people of Bengaluru spend on water tankers in the city.


This map aims to give information about water tanker rates across the city of Bangalore. This will also give an insight into the availability (or lack of) water in these areas. If someone is charging you heavily, you will know it by looking at the map. Click on a map pin and the relevant information for that area will pop up.  

Also the map will show how much people are paying in another area. You can compare the price, and identify the areas with water shortage, where the price will naturally be high. It will help increase water sensitivity, and has the potential to increase competition among vendors in the same area.

Some of the information in the map was collected from attendees of the Water Workshop for Apartment Complexes organised by ApartmentADDA on June 21st 2014, in which Citizen Matters was the Community Media Partner.

We are crowd-sourcing information from our readers as well. If you have any information that you would like to share with us regarding water tankers and pricing, please enter the same in the form given on the left of the map. The data you share will be added to the map. 




Map Pin
Tanker Rate Rs 195 to Rs 325 Rs 326 to Rs 450  Rs 451 to Rs 575  Rs 576 to Rs 700 



  Map Pin 

  Tanker Rate

 Rs 280 to Rs 375
  Rs 376 to Rs 465 
  Rs 466 to Rs 560 
  Rs 561 to Rs 650 



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