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Smitha N is a citizen of Bengaluru with interest on urban infrastructure, and works with the Indian Institute for Human Settlements. Views expressed in the article are her own.


  1. Greed is the reason for destroying trees.

    If we had foresight, and less of greed, we would have ensured the following:
    – preserve lakes
    – encourage suburban railway system (but, we actively encourage road-works, as everyone can make a ‘cut’ – local corporator, officials, petrol, cab lobbies, etc. …. but Railways will be a more centralised initiative and hence “incentives” will be lesser)
    – regulate private vehicles
    – maintain and have parks and playgrounds in every ward

    NO – we don’t. Because we are greedy – want to make quick money.

    God cannot be blamed, as HE gave man dominion to rule in the book of Genesis in the Bible. It is upto man to regulate the affairs of humankind.

  2. Hi,
    Urban areas Land will be scares. Where once land was now building have come up. However they have created more vertical spaces and roof which are wasted and exposed to give radiation heat. This creates “Urban Heat Islands”. Cover the walls and roof with green we would get ten times the space for green.
    Could you imagine a tree growing under 15 floors of concrete jungle.

    This is images you have from green building. That is the future forward as land becomes more costly in Urban areas.
    One time These new areas were farm lands. NO MORE.

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