1. And worse is yet to happen, when multiple SEZ locations in Kodathi would become operational in 6-12 months time. Expecting 70-100 thousand more people on Sarjapur road in coming year. If this whole mess won’t get cleared before that, then this road would become worst for commuters and residents.

  2. One of the major problems on this stretch is single driven office car commute. Unless people do not sacrifice and want to commute in a car this problem will keep growing howmuchever you widen the roads or build infrastructure. IT Companies must incentivize cycles and discourage car parking.

  3. Sarjapura Road requires widening. Even though tender was awarded, that plan was scuttled by BBMP due to agitations by state ruling party land sharks on that road because of unscientific plan. Landlords did not give the land for widening and asked for more compensation. BBMP does not have budget to give compensation and offered only TDR. But the Landlord who sold the land for residential projects made huge money and roam around these areas on expensive imported cars. They don’t care for Apartment residents who face problem on this road. They are worried about compensation for their piece of land.
    Over and above Artillery roads like Harlur Road, Kasavanahalli Road, Halanayakanahalli Roads also needs to be widened.These roads connect to Hosur road and can de-congest most of the traffic going towards to Electronics city from Bellandur.
    I think it is high time that BBMP shall be divided into multiple small Corporations and tax collections from that areas shall be spent in that areas only. Otherwise Bangalore will see a revolution by residents in few days.

  4. I am part of the #SaveBellandur campaign. I just want to highlight the root cause of the issue is not traffic. Traffic is an outcome of lack of infrastructure. An infrastructure that doesnt meet the demands. This infrastructure would need both Road & Mobility. I do understand this writeup is for brevity but want to highlight the ask of “Decongest” relates directly to Road infrastructure.

    In this context we have asked for over 65 Kms of roadways including Metro preponement and minibus. Also short term traffic review & fixes.

  5. I think Our main problem is not highlighted which all the residents are facing currently. We want road and mobility infrastructure to be developed. People are living in an urban slum without having proper roads to be motorable.

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