1. As Mr Suraj has rightly said bringing down the FAR to 1.5 is of no use, instead increase in FAR upto 2.5-3 to all smaller dimension sites upto 2400 sft is worth spending money on the construction.The high cost of sites have deprived the natives of Bangalore to own individual sites instead the family can build some flats of their own and live happily .

  2. The reduction of FAR to 1.5 doesnt make any sense as the land cost is high and many people will build the buildings in violation of the FAR which become AKRAMA building. BDA should allow vertical growth than reducing the FAR to 1.5 I have a 30*45 site and as per the setback of leaving 2 meters on left, right and rear, I cannot construct a meaningful building. Ideally 5% setback on overall sides is best option as the land is too costly in the core areas. Its better to have the ratios to the depth and width of the site as in RMP 2015.

  3. to submit objections we need to submit authenticated records & maps.Please let me know from whom we need to authenticate the records & maps

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