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  1. @Amit Kumar, it costed around 25L, as eloborated in the article. This included some extra features and work required by the residents as well as any miscellaneous hiccups along the construction. It was completely funded by the residents.

    @ Amit Bansal (via. Ganga) our hope is that model projects like this could help citizens put pressure on the BBMP to fund more of these projects via local architects.

  2. Reposting a comment by Amit Bansal on our Google+ page (plus.google.com/+citizenmatters): “This is absolutely amazing! Wow, what a transformation. But the more that citizen action like this gathers momentum, the more I feel that we are not making taxes work, and holding govt bodies accountable”.

  3. Nice! This would be a useful reference project since Bangalore is full of potholes. The finished roads are simply great! Could you give an idea of the approximate expenses incurred? Also: did/will BBMP contribute monetarily?

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