1. wonderful conservation… would like to contact Mr. Manjunath
    Anthrey. Request contact details.

  2. In addition to people’s participation, such RWH facilities should be undertaken by all authorities in Government/Corporation who hold lots of unused land around their offices or waste lands or arid/semi-arid lands so that people can emulate this effort. One problem with this is its replicability by people is the cost factor. Groups of people can come together, dig a few sink pits in waste lands since Bengaluru’s tar roads/concrete footpaths does not allow water to percolate.

  3. Excellent grass root level achievement. Congratulations to the team of Kadugodi Community RWH. Keep up the good work and help other community RWHs to undertake this immediately and help themselves and also help replenishment of ground water. Every drop counts and it will turn out to be elixir of life.

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