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Nagesh Aras is a resident of Bellandur. He works on urban governance issues like mobility, lake and water management, and STPs.


  1. Elevated Corridor means few more bucks to our leaders pockets, someone have drilled our CM to go for it just make business. We do not have leaders that value add, finding alternate solutions like the one listed above..! We still have to mark the roads with Thermoplastic for proper adherence of traffic and lane discipline. We as citizens should ensure that we start following the basic rules first like stop at red light and not to stop over the zebra crossing which is for pedestrian crossing, riding on the foot path even though we have proper roads on roads like in St. Marks road. We need to fix the basics and impose penalty on violators without any hinge. We will continue to have traffic issues regardless of any development projects if we do not fix these basics and apply strict rules and to make sure everybody follows it. Sometimes applying strict rules just doesn’t cut it but someone like a traffic cop to ensure that they make sure people follow or actions will be taken. People to should fear law when they violate it.

  2. All IT companies 25% staff as to work from home.
    do not allow 7 seater cars for individual.
    charge car parking fee if car pooling is not done by employee.
    allow white board cars to drive for OLA, UBER during peak hours.
    all transport, trucks should not run during peak hours.

  3. Too much of construction debris on the roads, reduce the width of the road. Sometimes debris is left for months. Govt should have a proper policy banning debris on the road with strict enforcement (Public can help by sharing videos). ‘Polluter pays’ principle should be adopted.

  4. And buses will fly through air without roads. Damn real problem in Bangalore is lack of proper roads. Not traffic its just roads, we are in a big village not at all a city.

  5. NO single reason relevantly argues against the elevated corridor. Just a generic list like the author points out at the end. Smells fishy of vested interest.

  6. This is India, not Singapore. It is trite knowledge that public infrastructure is made for the benefit of corrupt politicians and corrupt businessmen (not naming any prominent political parties/leaders and prominent Indian “businessmen”), and not for the benefit of the people. Infrastructure projects require: (i) consultation from experts and interested parties as well as (ii) costing and tendering in a fair and open market. This does not exist here. I can tell you in advance how it will play out: the project will not alleviate traffic, and only a few will benefit at the tax payer’s expense.

  7. Make roads better and construct, repair the footpaths.
    Many places even though provision space is there they are non existent.

  8. Disagree with city buses going to majestic.
    This will lead to more cars in the city.
    we need more buses criss cross the city like a bus towards Tumkuru should start from Electronics City & a bus to Mysuru should start from whitefield , this way we do not have to switch transport. This is why private buses have taken over majestic

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