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  1. It is sheer waste of tax payers money. City’s garbage woos cannot be solved by a study trip of pourakarmikas to Singapore. Instead, they would have benefitted, if atleast 1/4th of the trip cost was given to them in cash. In Bangalore, what is needed is change of people’s mindset. For this, one to one interaction with residents is needed. The area BBMP, governs is pretty large and it is understandable that they don’t have adequate manpower or resources to undertake this exercise. If so, it would be easy for them to invite NGOs, University students and Volunteers, for a door to door.At the same time, a more dedicated service from BBMP also is needed. Otherwise, we will go on complaining and discussing it for many more years without a solution.

  2. What is the use of spending so much money on travel for pourakarmikas, when nothing is being implemented? Isn’t it a leisure trip for the government employees? The only change I could see in the past is people are wearing gloves, for which no pourakarmikas had to go to Singapore. It’s common sense. Why don’t the government use the money to build a garbage decomposing factory? Why there is no rule of collecting wet and dry garbage separately in many places in Bengaluru itself? Government has to implement small rules to make the city clean.

  3. A sheer waste of public money. As somebody else suggested get trainers from Singapore or any other European country , train extensively a batch of local people who in turn can train the entire lot at a fraction of the cost.

  4. LOL
    First the city planners and municipal corporation executives should go to Singapore to learn planning & coordination !

  5. On one side BBMP cries about lack of funds for anything and then they come up with outrageous spending plans like this. Truly a sad and inappropriate way to spend 14.4 crores… Instead should spend that amount on regularly picking up all the garbage sitting all around the city and keeping the city clean.

  6. A thorough check of the individuals who are going to singapore should be done along with a highly punctual hardworking supervisor to ensure that all the poyrakarmikas are effectively trained. Better to have a consultant at Singapore to train them and provide a report from his end too. All their names should be in public so that any unwanted character is present he should be severely penalized along with the person who is responsible for sending.

  7. It is mockery of pathetic conditions of poyrakarmikas who are left on roads with a broom and gunny bag to tackle city’s unmanagement waste and dust on streets without any safety gear. This much money could have been spend in providing them training, safety gears, proper equipments and on swept waste collection. What would they see there how inhumanly they are treated.

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