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Akshatha M was a Staff Journalist at Citizen Matters. She tweets at @akshata1.

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  1. Response to any initiative to enforce rule of law by well meaning citizens is to use dirty tactics such as intimidation, using provisions in the law selectively to harass those who bring to surface wrong doing, delay tactics on taking action on the issues raised, bringing up irrelevant issues and considerations to obfuscate the central issue and divert attention. This is Bangalore!!. We first make laws that are illogical, full of holes, impractical, loosely defined, with hidden agenda and with our slow moving legal machinery those with muscle can get away with anything. Laws and rules are only for those who cannot wield power of any kind to flout them.

    Our citizens also choose the path of least resistance and safety from being challenged (retaliated) by those against whom we raise our voice to abide by the law of the land. VIP culture permeates all levels and walks of life

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