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Mayank Tripathi is an IT professional based in Bengaluru.


  1. Widening of the panathur railway Bridge and the narrow road behind bridge and making proper footpath is the only option. there is no value for people lives, even after incidents there are no actions so worthless government, why did they give permission to build apartments and collected tax money when they are not able to provide proper road. So bad.

  2. At least Government needs to provide proper footpaths with barricades on Panatur road. This will solve the problem. Most footpaths are encroached by shops, street vendors, food joints. Roads are so narrow that you cant even walk properly.

  3. The problem is increasing day by day, but i surprise ” is the govt alive in panathur” ..seeing all these incidents still the road condition is becoming worse with no progress for even an inch..why is the govt so worthless here??

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